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Silly questions, interesting answers

Collections in the Landscape

By Ros Westwood.

After 17 years of walking through the Wonders of the Peak gallery, it has now almost gone. The objects have been carefully removed. Soon the structure will go too, and we will be able the full size of the space at our disposal. Yes, it is sad, but the opportunities this is giving us are amazing!

So often we say: ‘Oh! I’ve been there, I’ve seen it. I don’t need to go again.’ And yet as items which I should know well (I’ve walked past them daily for years) have been removed from exhibition, they reveal amazing detail which the previous display concealed. This little brooch from the Salt collection is a case in point. It was made 2,000 or more years ago, but just look at the terminals on it. The finely drawn and wrapped wire is almost invisible to our weary 21st century eyes!


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