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The Titanic was “officially” found 30 years ago today

On September 1st, 1985, the wreck of the fabled liner RMS Titanic was found after laying unseen for 73 years on the ocean floor. A French team has spent weeks using sonar technology to cover 80% of a search area, with the Americans taking over and using a mainly visual method for the last two weeks; it was the laurels the US team gathered, the French contribution largely forgotten today. The American team, led by Dr Robert Ballard has succeeded where others had failed – and Ballard went on to a successful and lucrative career.

At least, that is the accepted history.

As is to be expected in any facet of the Titanic story, the background is a lot murkier. Did Dr. Ballard know of the wreck’s location while he was in the US Navy (he certainly had access to sea floor survey data that was classified)? Why did he get his “entertainment lawyer” to try to get an investigative journalist to drop a story in the search in the summer of 1985? Why did Dr.Ballard do a 180 degree change of opinion on the issue of salvage when his attempts to get museums to accept retrieved artefacts failed? Did Ballard use his clout to destroy competitor’s chances to find the wreck, and steal their personnel and data? And how did Ballard and his business interests profit from the discovery of the wreck? And more importantly, had the wreck been found some years before – something Ballard knew at the time of the September 1985 “discovery”? Unfortunately data that would prove this one way or the other are labelled as classified until December 2033…
These questions are explored in an essay by Dr Paul Lee; click here to read more…


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