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‘Ghost Adventures’ Star Purchases Ed Gein’s Cauldron

Zak Bagans, the star of Ghost Adventures, recently paid $2800 for a “25 gallon cauldron” which Ed Gein – yes, that Ed Gein – used to discard his victim’s entrails. According to TMZ, “The thing had been sitting in a Wisconsin woman’s home — used as a flower pot — ever since Gein’s 1984 death in prison.” Read that sentence again. Did you notice how “flower pot” just popped up out the blue like The Exorcist’s seminal “we-hate-Tubular-Bells” soundtrack? Someone actually planted roses/daisies/ghosties in one of the scariest murder-pots in history..

read more Zak Bagans ‘Ghost Adventures’ Star Purchases Ed Gein’s Cauldron Used For Body Parts Disposal – Cursed And Haunted! | Celeb Dirty Laundry.


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This entry was posted on March 6, 2015 by in Creepy, Weird Stuff.


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