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Jonathan Maberry Bestows his “Rot & Ruin” Upon Comics

This September, IDW Publishing continues to grow its world of comic book horror with the release of “Rot & Ruin” #1 by “NY Times” best-selling writer Jonathan Maberry and artist Tony Vargas. The first ever comic book adaptation of Maberry’s ongoing award-winning young adult novel series of the same name, “Rot & Ruin” tells tales in which the remnants of humanity try to survive in a world where zombies have already won.Maberry explained to CBR News why why he’s decided to bring the award-winning novel series to comics as all-new stories rather than adapting his prose work, the current state of the “Rot & Ruin” film — and when we can expect to hear more about it — how fast the “Rot & Ruin” zombies move and much more.

read more Jonathan Maberry Bestows his “Rot & Ruin” Upon Comics – Comic Book Resources.


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This entry was posted on August 20, 2014 by in Comic Books, zombies.


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