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The Berwyn UFO crash.

Most people who are interested in UFOs will know about the Roswell Incident, in which an alien spacecraft allegedly crashed in New Mexico in 1947, but there have been many other well-documented cases of alleged UFO crashes.

One of these cases is known as the Berwyn Mountains UFO crash, and it took place in Wales in January 1974.

At 8.30 PM on 23 January, 1974, a large object was seen to fall from the skies over Clwyd in Wales. Dozens of witnesses across Lancashire and Cheshire phoned the police earlier that evening after seeing a strange formation of green lights flying erratically over the skies of the north-west.

At exactly 8.38 PM, something impacted into the Berwyn Mountains in Clwyd, and the resulting tremor – which measured 4.5 on the Richter scale – was felt in Wrexham, Chester, Liverpool, Southport, and even in some areas of Greater Manchester.


Police immediately converged on the Berwyn Mountains, expecting to find a crashed passenger jet. Just what they did find has never been divulged. A convoy of army trucks passed through Chester that night and made their way to the epicentre of the crash site then the army threw a cordon around the area. Even the police and crash investigators were warned off.

A nurse who lived near the scene of the impact told a local newspaper that something huge had smashed into a mountain, throwing debris for over a mile. There are allegations that she actually witnessed some form of craft crashing into the area, she also reported seeing the bodies of the occupants. She said she walked up to one of the bodies, and realised it wasn’t human, but before she could describe what she had seen the military intervened, and two Ministry of Defence officials ordered her to remain silent about the UFO because her comments ‘would constitute a threat to national security and the defence of the realm’.

However this nurse has never actually come forward to back these claims. Was this actually a created witness to make the UFO theory more substantial? The newspaper reporter has never discussed the claims either.

In 1980, an electronics engineer named Arthur Adams who had worked on Concorde visited the Berwyn UFO crash-site and found strange green coloured pieces of metal embedded in the rocks there. He took samples of the metal to his laboratory and discovered that a sample the size of a 1-inch cube gave off two kilowatts of electricity when wired up to a volt meter. Mr Adams contacted the Daily Express, and they published a series of articles about the strange find. This sample may of course have belonged to a meteorite; many ores have been found in previous samples of other meteorites.

Today, no one knows what crashed into the Welsh Mountains on that winter night in 1974; some think it was an experimental man-made top secret military aircraft, possibly a prototype Stealth bomber. Others think it was an alien craft from another world. If so, what happened to the bodies that were seen scattered all over the mountain after the crash?

There are also reports of a meteorite hitting the mountainside, but UFO folklore has grabbed the incident with both hands and turned into the UK’s own Roswell incident.

Several years ago, I received a report regarding a UFO sighting in Cheshire and during the interview, the witness claimed to have seen the 1974 object flying across Cheshire towards Berwyn. This witness, who was 35 at the time, worked as a farmer near Congleton and claimed the object was definitely a meteor. He knew this since as he witnessed a similar reported incident with 5 other separate persons in 1996 in Cheshire. He thought the two incidents were very similar –  although the 1974 case was of course much larger.

In 2002, I was contacted regarding the incident by a former member of the mountain rescue team based at RAF Valley in Anglesey.

RAF Valley throughout the 1970’s and 80’s, and still to this day is a training unit, where operational fighter pilots used to shoot live missiles at target drone aircraft in the Irish Sea. The training exercise consists of a target being dragged behind a larger aircraft, and air to air missiles are fired at the target. At the time these drones were stationed at the Royal Air Establishment at Llanbedr near Harlech.

The RAF used two types of missile until recently, the Sparrow and the Sidewinder. Only rarely do they use live war heads during training exercises.


One night this witness was told of an urgent call out to the Berwyn mountain range. An aeroplane was reported downed and there had been a huge explosion. The team’s trucks and land rovers were dispatched to the site location.

Due to the rough roads to the impact site and nighttime conditions, the team took a fair while to arrive at the crash site. When they arrived they were called to one side by the MOD,  and told that in actual fact the crashed object was a missile. This, I was told, had inadvertently been released from a fighter and, at several times the speed of sound, had slammed into the mountain.

The team’s role here was to collect all debris from the site, giving no impression as to the actuality of the event.

The RAF of course let the story of a UFO come to fruition, knowing public uproar which would occur from reports of live missiles being fired and detonated over the UK.

The witness told of how, in the future, he laughed at the stories he heard about UFO’s, and one day contacted one of the country’s foremost UFOlogists to discuss and, he supposed, to “come clean” about the event.

The UFOlogist in question was issued with his story and credentials to back his claims, but was sarcastically laughed at and called a liar. Therefore he returned to his state of quietness before again telling the tale nearly thirty years later.

Many ideas have been formulated about the events at Caider Bronwen. It is known military persons WERE at the site, a 4.5 tremor on the Richter Scale WAS recorded and a training exercise in the Irish Sea WAS taking place, But the event was a long time ago. Chinese whispers have added to the event. Irrational UFOlogists have also played their part. If correct, the two reports discussed are rational and worthy of further research while other alleged accounts are quite farfetched.

Mythology and folklore have come to Berwyn and left an as yet unexplained event.


9 comments on “The Berwyn UFO crash.

  1. Kirst Mason D'Raven
    November 25, 2013

    Hmmm… Its really not unlike the Sheffield Incident in March 97, is it?


  2. Paul Westwood
    December 7, 2013

    I for one saw a similar object fly towards North Wales around that time frame. I do believe something came down……..what i do not know.


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