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The Lakenheath Warrior

THE EXCAVATION of a man buried with a horse and lavish grave goods at RAF Lakenheath attracted national media attention. Evidence of a burial mound led excavators to suspect that … Continue reading

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Lasers reveal ‘lost’ Roman roads

Since 1998 the Environment Agency has used lasers to scan and map the English landscape from above to help with work such as flood modelling and tracking changing coastlines. But … Continue reading

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100 Years Of Zombies in Pop Culture (Video)

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Artist – Rebecca Bentley

Becca is an independent, self taught freelance artist, having been inseparable from pencil and paper from a very young age! She has gained experience working within the tattoo industry, and … Continue reading

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Canaanean sickle blades of the southern Levant.

This article illustrates and describes several examples of Early Bronze Age Canaanean core, blade and tabular flake artifacts that were excavated on a site in southern Israel at Tell Halif. … Continue reading

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Digger driver unearths 3,300 Roman coins reversing bulldozer at Yeovil Rec

A bulldozer driver levelling a recreation ground for a hockey pitch unearthed a hoard of 3,339 Roman coins.The coins, mainly of silver, include depictions of an elephant and a hippopotamus, … Continue reading

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The Great Decant of 2016

Originally posted on Collections in the Landscape:
The upstairs of the museum feels very quiet now that the Wonders of the Peak Gallery and Gallery 1 are closed. Behind the…

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The Fiendish Black Dog of British Folklore

There exists in British folklore a frightful creature known simply as the Black Dog. Although some stories may have originated with an encounter with a living dog, in legend the … Continue reading

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‘Outstanding’ Roman relics discovered at roadside

A rare Roman brooch and miniature sword have been discovered by a roadside in North Yorkshire.Archaeologists have unearthed 177,000 artefacts from the Prehistoric, Iron Age and Roman periods while excavating … Continue reading

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Wedding Divination – Yorkshire

Originally posted on Lancashire Folk:
Okay so Yorkshire isn’t Lancashire, but since Lancashire Folk is almost in the bookshops, it’s on to the next in the series. Strictly speaking, Greater…

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Injuries on Mammoth Skeleton Put Humans in the Arctic 45,000 Years Ago

There’s a lot of debate about what killed off the woolly mammoths. Some scientists believe climate change was to blame; some say bone disease. Others point to human hunters. The … Continue reading

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Stone Age Horror! Pit Filled with Severed Limbs Uncovered

An ancient pit filled with severed human arms, hands and fingers has been unearthed in France.The nearly 6,000-year-old pit was found near the village of Bergheim, which sits near the … Continue reading

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Lava in the landscape

Originally posted on Collections in the Landscape:
Some geology additions to the Buxton collections show volcanic events in the making of the local geology and gave a great excuse (as if one was needed!)…

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Solving the mystery of Roman London’s headless bodies

For the past 150 years, a mystery has surrounded part of the City of London, where an unusually large number of human skulls were discovered, but without their bodies.Was there … Continue reading

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Curiosity of the Month

Originally posted on Buxton Museum and Art Gallery:
A recent enquiry at Buxton Museum prompted my discovery of a very peculiar item. Despite working at the museum for nearly two…

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Lost Legion?

The British Isles are often cited as possibly one of the most haunted places in the world… Our history encompasses tales of characters one would normally only find between the … Continue reading

January 7, 2016 · 2 Comments

Why ancient Roman graffiti is so important to archaeologists

Pompeii’s graffiti is the world’s most frustrating goldmine. When it comes to ancient Rome, the vast majority of insights into their world we have are from one group: Wealthy (or … Continue reading

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Stone Age Bling

Originally posted on Collections in the Landscape:
Imagine if a loved one, or friend, picked up a stone and asked you to make from it a piece of jewellery which…

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Looking For Deliberate Radio Signals From KIC 8462852

Could there be intelligent life in the star system KIC 8462852? A recent analysis of data collected by the Kepler space telescope has shown that this star, informally known as … Continue reading

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‘UFO’ Shaped Clouds Makes It Seem Like Aliens Are Invading South Africa

Mother nature was showing off again, this time causing the residents of Cape Town South Africa to wonder if UFOs were taking over the city.The skies were filled with clouds … Continue reading

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Blue John – New Partnerships

Originally posted on Collections in the Landscape:
In this post Derbyshire Museums Manager, Ros Westwood, introduces a new partnership with Treak Cliff Cavern and Buxton Artclubs Artbox, supporting Made in…

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Fifty Shades of Grey Ware

Grey ware is, possibly, the most common form of pottery found at Roman sites across Britain. This was a locally made, functional pottery used for cooking, food service, and storage,…

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William H. Mumler and the Art of Spirit Photography

The art of spirit photography took off in the 1860s and has as a main focus photographing ghosts, or spiritual entities. It was basically used to hunt ghosts.This crazy hobby … Continue reading

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Magical Homes That Look Like They Stepped Out of the Pages of a Fairytale

They say home is where your heart is, although these truly magical homes are sure to make their way into your heart. Anyone who is lucky enough to live in … Continue reading

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Breathtaking fossil of tiny mammal preserves fur and internal organs

Most of our knowledge of very ancient life comes from fossilized remains of hard tissues—bones, shells, and teeth. Now, the exquisitely preserved fossil of a tiny mammal from the time … Continue reading

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